Advice and ongoing support throughout the process, projects that combine profitability and flexibility, a merger that redefines real estate investment.

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TECA Project was established in 2012, where the majority of our work was the design of efficient prefabricated concrete and steel structures.





More than just a conventional real estate company, we evolve as collaborators at every stage of your investment journey. Whether undertaking an individual project or joining a group of investors, our vocation is to guide you towards the realization of your ambitions.

Our first commitment was to simplify the administrative process, enabling everyone to access lucrative real estate opportunities, whatever your current availability or knowledge.

At Fusion, we pay particular attention to trust and security. That's why we strive to offer absolute transparency to our investors, preserving their ownership status throughout the process.

Immerse yourself in a world where strategy and expertise merge, where innovation embraces tradition, and where success becomes the norm.




Assistance :

Even in a real estate market as dynamic as that of the Emirates, it is highly advisable to be accompanied by seasoned professionals. In these ever-changing environments, calling on a proven company with real expertise in the sector becomes a necessity to shape a solid project and turn your aspirations into reality. At Fusion, our vocation is to guide you step by step throughout your project, from the first interaction right up to the moment of payment of the profits generated.

Follow-up :

At every decisive stage, Fusion provides methodical follow-up, backed up by multidisciplinary expertise. Our customers benefit from ongoing project support, with exclusive access to a team of recognized specialists. Each customer is assigned a dedicated advisor, establishing a privileged link for all necessary interactions and exchanges.




Target :

We focus primarily on off-plan projects, aiming to generate profitability upon post-construction resale, typically within 3 to 5 years. There are several reasons for this approach. Firstly, developers in the Emirates have an exemplary delivery rate. Thanks to our many local partners, we are able to identify the most attractive opportunities at any given time. This method also offers valuable flexibility. You don't make a long-term commitment to a specific territory or project. So you can easily adjust your strategy and keep up with changing trends.

Concept :

The Fusion concept democratizes access to growth sectors for all. We offer individuals the chance to join a diverse group of investors in projects with entry thresholds accessible to the widest possible audience. At the same time, we offer opportunities for more affluent investors, with the possibility of support for individual projects.





Commitment :

Fusion Real Estate, in close collaboration with Fusion Group, is committed to putting its expertise at the service of your investment. Our aim is to simplify the administrative process as much as possible and to provide you with a transparent follow-up. We believe that ownership is essential when it comes to investment. So how much you invest determines how much of the project you own.

Transparency :

Our remuneration is based exclusively on resale performance. By applying rigorous specifications and meticulously supervising each project, we are able to provide our investors with consistent returns, with minimum projections ranging from 18% to 30% per project. Your capital remains in your hands, preserving your assets.

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