A team as varied as it is complementary, an innovative vision of real estate investment, a history founded on expertise and innovation.

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TECA Project was established in 2012, where the majority of our work was the design of efficient prefabricated concrete and steel structures.





At Fusion, we are above all a family. A collective where each element is a precious piece of the puzzle. Our history is shaped by the diversity of our backgrounds, the wealth of our skills and the harmonious fusion of our talents.

Guided by a shared vision and a dedication to innovation and excellence, we are committed to redefining real estate investment through an inspiring complementarity, leveraging each expertise to create a path to shared success.

Our cross-disciplinary approach transcends borders and fields, propelling Fusion into the future with confidence and insight..

Through the projects we undertake, we lay the foundations for a story in which our customers are the protagonists. This story is built on a solid foundation of diverse strategies and knowledge. At Fusion, each chapter is a new adventure that contributes to enriching the web of opportunities for investors.




Diversity :

At Fusion, harmony comes from diversity. Our team is a mosaic made up of talents from the four corners of the globe. With over 200 employees on 4 continents, we bring together a wide range of profiles. From financiers to real estate negotiators, from asset managers to chartered accountants, not to mention a solid legal team, each brings his or her own unique expertise to bear in all circumstances.

Complementarity :

At Fusion, we believe that each individual, with his or her unique background and skills, has a valuable contribution to make to our projects. Our team is the fruit of a meeting of diverse sectors, varied backgrounds and multidisciplinary talents. Each member enriches our outlook with his or her professional background and past experience. At Fusion, every profile that can bring added value to our customers is welcomed with open arms, because it's the diversity of our voices that shapes our shared success.




Transversality :

At Fusion, we approach real estate investment as an opportunity open to everyone, regardless of their apparent complexity and knowledge. This cross-disciplinary approach permeates every aspect of our strategy. This broad vision of the market is coupled with a fundamentally flexible project, displaying exceptional resilience in the face of the many economic challenges of the 21st century.

Ambitions :

Our vision is focused on the long term, guided by the desire to maintain the growth momentum we have built up since our inception. This ambition is based on our in-depth knowledge and the solid foundations of our project, which give us a strategic advantage in the face of market fluctuations. At Fusion, the future is our inspiration, and it is with an eye to tomorrow's world that we are determined to chart a path of sustainable and successful growth.





Flexibility :

Our history is marked by a strong capacity for adaptation, fueled by the desire to evolve with the world around us. Many of our team members hail from the Americas, where we have enjoyed considerable success in recent years. In a constantly changing environment, we have been able to adapt to new challenges and emerging opportunities.

Development :

Our journey has been marked by exponential growth since our inception. Since Fusion was founded, our team has grown by an average of over 20% a year. Over time, our family has grown, constantly pushing back our own standards of excellence. This constant expansion has enabled us to achieve a level of expertise unrivalled in our field. At Fusion, growth is not just a goal, but a tangible reality that testifies to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation at the service of our customers.

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